Brard Blanchard's history

Our story told by Jacques Blanchard Brard:

1972: The trigger

I started work in the vineyard with my parents at the age of 15 years. At this time, treatment products from the chemical industry (oil) began to appear. My father as everyone used.

In 1972, I had health problems (respiratory allergies, ...) I quickly realized that all these worries had only one issue: the treatment products, especially one used against the disease vine most prevalent in our region mildew.
I also realized that every year, you had to use products more dangerous, whereas formerly farmers harvested without all the chemicals!

Galley years:

At the time, the company Lemaire Boucher and the Nature and Progress were promoting the return to a more natural farming. I went to a conference. I liked this method. She was advocating a return to the respect of the plant, soil and especially of man ...

Dany with my wife, we embarked on an adventure of Organic Agriculture, with only allies, books and conference reports.
The first years were very difficult: crop loss due to mildew, chlorosis, destruction mite ...
It took nearly five years to get a decent harvest. But even now we are constantly striving to improve our practice of organic farming!

premières ventes

1976: First sales

At the beginning we only sold anywhere. It was therefore necessary to find a market for our products. The cognac is produced on the farm was not ready to be sold.
So we started direct sales by grape juice.

In 1977, our first white Pineau is developed, it is the second product we sell with grape juice. The range extends …


1978: Beginning of the diversification

That year, we planted 0.24 hectares of Merlot with the aim of producing Pineau Rosé. It will be marketed in 1982.
In the 80s, a new product will appear in the region, the Charentais wine country. We believe immediately in 1983 and launching the white wine and the red in 1986.

We were markets Poitiers, Paris (Boulogne market) and Cunault in collaboration with three producers of Deux-Sevres (apple juice, goat cheese and honey).
We started to turn with a car and trailer purchased in common.

nouvelle génération

At the dawn of the XXI century

After over 30 years of organic farming, research, galleys, successes but also failures, I remain convinced that the way we work reflects the future of agriculture. It requires respect for the earth and men.

Our operation which combines the younger generation in the SCEA "BIO" BRARD BLANCHARD can not seem to change their production methods.

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