The philosophy of the field Brard Blanchard

Specifications to meet: :

Organic agriculture is an agriculture that respects the environment.

Its main principle is the non-use of synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides.

 We have two specifications to be met: a general for all productions which is certified by the "Ecocert" and a much more specific qu'édite "Nature and Progress", which is only very sharp on the winemaking.


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the Vine

We treat the vine, but only with simple products: sulfur, copper (Bordeaux mixture) and we help some plants manure to strengthen its self-defense against disease.


We cultivate to prevent the formation of weeds which would deprive the nutrients it needs, especially in times of drought. This also helps to aerate the upper layers of the earth, and to maintain a good balance in terms of microorganisms therein and which play an important role in the growth of the vine.

We are composts food intake for healthy seedlings.


Manual harvesting: quality and compliance

There is no specification that requires manual harvesting in "Bio." We chose this harvesting method because it is the one that is closest to our feelings.

Manual harvesting allows us to sort the vine, so any bad rot can be systematically eliminated by our pickers are trained for this type of harvest.

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We pay attention to the leaves and debris that could fall into the bucket. A machine is much less.


Manual harvesting is also the result of our biological approach: We respect the vineyard throughout the year. It grows at their own pace, and we take the utmost care.

It takes six months to a cluster to form. When the vine gives us its fruit, so precious, it would be absurd to come with a harvesting machine to shake violently.

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It is a matter of logic, after so much attention why brusquerions Us The manual harvesting is easier on the vine, it does not hurt.

The Wine

We use sulfur to keep our wine, but not the quantities authorized "Nature and Progress" are two times lower than those usually practiced.

You're assured of a wine as natural as possible ..


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